About Matt

Matt showed a great interest in photography from an early age; spending countless hours taking stills of landscapes and wildlife with the family’s much loved SLR camera.

In 1993 he landed his first job as a video split operator on a commercial in London, England. Returning to New Zealand in 1994 he worked as an assistant on film and video shoots and attended film school in 1996.

During the next five years, Matt worked as a 1st and 2nd camera assistant whilst shooting music videos and short films. In early 2002 he travelled and lived in Vancouver, Canada and Stockholm, Sweden.

For the next three years he attended master classes in lighting and classes in HD Camera and Steadicam. Throughout this time he shot many productions of great variety, gathering invaluable overseas experience in the process.

Matt returned to New Zealand in early 2005 and has continued to work here as a D.P.

In 2007 he won an Australian Cinematography Society Gold Award for the Drama Hawaikii, filmed on 35mm; he also received a Bronze Award for the commercial ‘Papatoa’, shot on digital.

In 2009 the SBS Documentary ‘Once Bitten’ was nominated for an AFI award; Matt shot the documentary throughout the North Island of New Zealand.

In 2010 Matt shot a pilot documentary for National Geographic and a documentary for the french production company ADN Geddeon on White Island in New Zealand.

In 2011 Matt shot ‘Runaways’ a 35mm short film funded by the NZ Film Commission and several TVC’s for ‘Country Goodness’

When not shooting Matt spends his time watching films, familiarizing himself with new camera technology, or engaging in his other passions for music and surfing.